Lamron Analysts is a investment adviser specializing in research, development and execution of trading systems. The firm was founded in 2000 with a view to bringing a fresh perspective to managing asset portfolios. The firm seeks to generate significant long term compound growth for its shareholders and other investors. Lamron Analysts is a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

Lamron’s systematic trading programmes has been trading stocks as well as stock index and commodity futures for eleven years in its proprietory book for its shareholders. Its trading strategies are direction neutral and is capable of generating returns in both up and down markets. We statistically analyse and model historical date with a view to identifying profitable opportunities. Our approach to investments which doesnot always concur with economic orthodoxy can nevertheless offer significant diversification benefits.

During these eleven years, we have built goodwill and impeccable credentials among our chosen group of clients. Our approach helps clients to accrue investment returns that are not correlated to other asset classes.

  • 1. To be the most preferred investment adviser among our clients
  • 2. We seek to do this by giving the highest priority to client interests. Our objective is to provide our clients with superior long term returns.
  • 3. We are innovative and with our experience and understanding of the financial markets strive to enable our clients to generate long term value.
  • 4. We have a strict code of conduct that is compliant with all regulations. We seek to uphold the highest professional standards and maintain independence of opinion and actions.